Saturday, February 19, 2011


For some reason my heart has really been burdened for true Biblical preaching. In fact, I often read again my books on preaching over and over. I believe when they lay my body in the grave, I still will not have learned to preach. We never arrive, though we strive. I want to be known as a preacher that was committed to text-driven preaching.

I especially like the following books: "Expository Preaching" by John MacArthur, "Biblical Preaching" by Haddon Robinson, "Preaching with Bold Assurance" by Hershael York, and "Power in the Pulpit" by Jerry Vines.

My hearts desire is to find the "big Idea" in the preaching unit and to convey the author's intent from the passage. I want to preach the text saying what the author said. There is much more I could say on building and amplifying the main points, but you get the point. Who are we to pull a verse out of context and come up with our own outline? Most preaching misses the point intented by the author and takes it out of context. Bro. Gordon Pittman taught me years ago that context is king. "Three rules of interpretation" he would say, "context, context, context." One thought struck me, "The passage can't mean now what it did not mean then."

So I continue to develop God's gift under the Spirit's enablement, and each day I pray that I will be a better expositor and not an entertainer.