Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Churches

I am often asked about home churches, or meeting in homes. Remember that the local church is not a building but a people [Rom. 16:5].

I see nothing wrong with a church in your home or small cell groups, if we do what a church is supposed to do. I see 3 questions we must answer:

1. Why did the early church meet in homes? The early church met in homes because there was no buildings and because of persecution.

2. Why are you meeting in your home? If you are meeting in your home to counter the “traditional church,” then you are meeting for the wrong reasons. Many times these people have a problem submitting to authority and have selfish ego’s and a “bone to pick,” with the traditional church.

3. Who is meeting in your home? If it’s only your family, then its not a N.T. church, its no more than a family devotional? Everywhere I read in the N.T. where the church met in a home, there were others present besides their families.