Monday, March 22, 2010

Revival Services

We at Trinity are in what we hope will be genuine revival this week, March 21-24, 2010. I know that Christians are to live in revival 365 days a year, but due to our flesh, we need to be "re-vived."

My dear friend, Pastor Joey Harris from God's Way Baptist Church in Adel is our guest preacher. I had made a commitment to have only expository preachers in the pulpit at T.B.C. He preaches the Biblical text in its Biblical context, not perverting the intent and flow of the oringinal author.

Sunday morning he preached on "How to Live a Separated Life" from 1 Cor. 6:14-18. He challenged us to the truth that you can't experience revival till you are separated from the world. In one sense we are separated at salvation in position, but we must practice separation.

Sunday night he preached a message to the lost from the demon-possessed man in the fifth chapter of Mark. He made some comparisons and contrasts to the lost man and the demon-possessed man. Our children sang Sunday night and Kaleb Smith blessed our hearts with a song about being made more like Jesus "little by little."

Monday night the Brooks family was with us and as always, sang from their hearts true Biblical songs. Bro. Joey preached on commitment and the lack of it. Many go away because they never had genuine faith. Our choices reveal what we love and what we put first in our lives.

Tuesday night Bro. Joey's wife, Missy, sang two songs and then Bro. Joey preached on how to protect your church from wolves from without and within. His text was Acts 20:28-32. If Satan can't get to the church from without, he will attack from within.

Wednesday night Bro. Joey preached on how to be sure you are saved from 1 John. Certainly an honest examination of 1 John would reveal to anyone their genuineness of salvation or lack thereof. Bro. Joey preaches the same on this subject that I do- the evidence of a changed life is a great indicator of spiritual life.

Bro. Joey has been a blessing and a source of affirmation that expository preaching is the only true Biblical preaching that fulfills the preachers command to 'preach the Word."