Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Stones Will Cry Out

Luke 19:40-44

What does this phrase mean, “The stones would immediately cry out?”

v. 40a: “if these should hold their peace.” Who are “These?” The disciples who were praising him as the Messiah. The praise was silenced on Monday when later we heard not praise, but “Barabbas” and “crucify Him.”

v. 40b: Jesus said when this happens judgment is coming. “cry out” is in the future tense in the Greek grammar. They will cry out at a later time in the future.

Some here believe if you don’t proclaim me as Messiah, I will cause the stones to praise me, and he could have caused inanimate objects to praise him but it would not be their response to the creator but a miracle.

Some believe the stones cried out at the earthquake at the death of Christ on the cross.

Let the Scripture speak and say what it says!

Habakkuk 2:11,“For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” Here we have judgment pronounced on the Chaldeans [Babylonians] for their Kings dishonesty, pride, and cruelty with metaphorical language.

The stones in v.40 cry out in judgment against Israel for the rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. Q- What is this judgment and when will it take place?

Verses 41-44: Here we see Christ’s lament over the city and his judgment.

vs. 41-42: Here we see Christ pronouncing judgment and closing their eyes to the truth which they are still under today [Rom. 11:25]. It is also known as “the Times of the Gentiles.”

vs. 43-44: Here we see the judgment.

He came in as a humble King, and the national leaders rejected him. The kingdom has been postponed till after the tribulation when he will have the real “Triumphal entry” before the millennial reign.

What judgment would the stones cry out? What we have in these verses is the Roman siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70, forty years after v. 40.

The stones in v. 40 cried out in v. 44 at the destruction of the Temple. Note the link between “thy day” and “visitation.”

Why? [vs. 42a, 44b]. This thy day was the day of visitation. God visited them and they rejected him! Their day of opportunity has passed till he comes again.

Today might be your day of visitation!