Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

I recently saw a cartoon that a member of the church I pastor sent me. It showed a man and his wife watching television. The man said, "This Middle East violence is really getting frightening." The wife responded, "Thats Black Friday!"

We hear of the "casualities" and the "war stories" every year the day after. You know what you saw and heard and there is no need to go over the horrid stories again.

Black Friday is a product of the greed and materialism of America. What else would motivate someone to stand in line or push and run over people for their "prized" item? What else would cause a woman to bite the hand that is trying to steal the prize catch out of her grasp? They take it home to little Johnny or Susie to play with a few moments and then discard it in the graveyard of toys they have accumulated over the years.

Black Friday warriors need to understand three things. First, if they would wait they could get their prized treasure on sale later. Second, realize what they are buying is second or third tier items. Third, what would Jesus think of their action? What if they studied their Bible like they trained and strategized for Black Friday?

I am disgusted with the whole thing. This is why I like Operation Christmas Child Christmas Shoeboxes. Here you have children from all over the world who have nothing, waiting in line to receive their shoebox of toys with much appreciation.