Thursday, July 10, 2014

Three Appearings

Three Appearings

Hebrew 9:24-28

 As believers in the New Covenant, we don't depend on a human to enter a temporary earthly tabernacle. We depend the heavenly High Priest who entered once and for all into the eternal sanctuary where He represents us forever before God.

 He will never let us go, He will never stop representing us, and He will never stop His intercession for us. That is a promise given to us by God as stated in His written Word.

 "now to appear" means that Christ reported to the Father that He fulfilled His mission. The work of Christ is a completed work, final and eternal.

 Note that the word "appear" is used 3 times in Heb 9:24-28?

  1. He has appeared to take away our sin by dying on the cross [v. 26]. Deals with the past and position.
  2. He is appearing now in heaven for us [v. 24]. Deals with the present and progressive.
  3. He shall appear to take Christians home [v. 28]. Deals with the future and perfect [complete].
These represent what is called the "three tenses of salvation" all based on Christ's finished work.

1. Justification [regeneration] we are in Christ and freed from the penalty of sin.

2. Sanctification is the journey to being more like Christ and being freed from the power of sin.

3. Glorification is at the resurrection when we will be like Christ and freed from the presence of sin.