Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mysterious Musings # 3

I continue to write about things that have always been a mystery to me in the pastoral ministry.

Why don't Christians know and develop their spiritual gifts?

The Word of God names about 17 spiritual gifts in four different passages in the NT that the Body of Christ has to minister to the body. Each believer has at least one gift which has been given at salvation. If we are to be fulfilled and happy in the body, we must find our gift/gifts and use them to minister to one another. We must function in our giftedness in the body.

Many setting in our pews are totally ignorant of spiritual gifts and don't seem to care. Many pastors have not taught spiritual giftedness because they so afraid of being called a "charismatic."

We must know what the gifts are, experiment with the gifts, seek confirmation, and walk in the Spirit. As we walk in the Spirit living under the control of the Spirit,the Spirit will express that gift through us to the body.

If the body is to grow as God intended, we must all use our gifts in the Spirit and not the flesh [Eph. 4:11-17].