Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lack of Assurance of Salvation

Why do some Christians lack assurance of salvation?

1. Some feel they are too sinful to be saved and have difficulty in accepting forgiveness.

2. They don’t fully understand the Gospel and the saving work of Jesus.

3. They believe that only the sins forgiven are those sins they committed before salvation. Christ’s atonement paid for the sins- past, present and future, for all who believe.

4. Some can’t remember the exact moment and occasion they got saved. A decision for Christ has been over emphasized over a present reality of faith in Christ’s atoning work. The evidences of true faith [1 John] play second fiddle to a decision that may not have been real. Some believe they can be saved without true regeneration.

5. Because of the battle with the flesh, some doubt.

6. Some don’t see God in their trials, and miss the strong proof of assurance which is a tested faith.

7. Some lack assurance because of sin which robs them of their joy.

8. Some lack assurance because they are not genuinely saved.